The double duty post

One of the main reasons my husband wanted to take us all on a drive to our southern paddocks yesterday (with previous posts on swans and willy-wagtails already up) was to show us something he had discovered while going through a gateway there this week.


This is the gatepost at which The Discovery was made.

It’s quite tall (almost as tall as me) and hollow in the centre.


And when you stand on your toes (or get a little help from your Dad)…


You see something pretty AMAZING…


Can you see? Oh just a sec…


Can someone make this flaming lense FOCUS? Wait… hang on…


GOT it…


LOOK! Four little birds – older than our wagtails from earlier today – huddled at least four feet down in the post.

After great debate here, in front of Google and Wikipedia, Mr Incredible has claimed that the baby birds are Pale-Headed Rosella (I think it could be the sub-species palliceps or Blue Cheek Rosella ) …


(If we have any budding ornithologists out there in Blogland, feel free to chime in with your identification.)

Apparently these little guys will claw their way out of the post when they are ready to fly.  I suspect it’s gonna get pretty cramped in here before too long…

Hope you enjoyed your few hours with us, in our southern paddocks.

Or as I like to think of it now, our Birdie Paradise.



11 Responses to “The double duty post”

  1. Oh wow!! That was certainly worth the drive!! “Can someone make this flaming lense FOCUS? Wait… hang on…”…..hehehe

  2. Oh heck…what happens if it rains?
    Truly special photos BB…

  3. They are gorgeous!!! What a treat to see them!

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of birds you’ve shown us today. All different from anything I can see in my neck of the woods. :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Puppies & kittens

  5. When they were all out of focus, I was afraid of what we would see next; much relieved that it turned out to be birds. What an exciting day!!!
    Debby´s last blog post ..Home

  6. Wow so cute and love the colours. I’ll just believe you on the species identiforcation and it does look about right. What a find!
    Anne´s last blog post ..Baby Roll Call

  7. Oh, these photos are brilliant! Love those little birds. Happy sigh.
    A Novel Woman´s last blog post ..To My American Friends and Family

  8. I like your post…..

  9. All I know is that we’ve nothing like this in Minneapolis!


    Pearl´s last blog post ..What the Woman and the Cat at the Next Table are Talking About, or I Hope They’ve Laid in Enough Limes

  10. I should explain that I was taking most of those photos with arms outstretched above the post – I couldn’t actually SEE as I was shooting. I finally got Mr I to bring the ute close enough so I could stand on the bullbar and get the blessed thing in focus!!

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