Remember… (Ch 19)

Hello… remember me? The narrator for that crazy, mixed-up FairyBlogTale which haphazardly chronicles the adventures of Bush Babe and her family, as they launch themselves at the United States of America? If you have NO idea what I am on about you are either A) new to this blog (welcome!) or B) suffering medium term memory loss. No biggie either way. Links to previous chapters in this amazing travel tale canbe located at the end of this instalment.

(Warning, you may need a vat of your beverage of choice. It’s may be packed with scenery and adventure but its not a quick read, if you get my meaning!)


Now I am pretty sure that we left you HERE, when last we shared this fanciful yarn, gentle reader…


On the road headed south from Dallas. With rental car loaded to the roof with suitcases freshly crammed with goodies from the Wild Bill’s fine footwear establishment.

road_2062 e

On the WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD. (Dear Americans, this photo here is ALL WRONG… note clenched hands on steering wheel by person who is clearly sitting in what should be the passenger seat!)

road_2068 e

Where NO CONVERSATION can be entered into while The Driver is negotiating ANY kind of corner.

san antonio_1629

The Mother and Father discussed long and passionately, the merits of handing car keys to folk whose every instinct is to veer to the opposite side of the trafficway. ‘Utter madness’ was the conclusion. They decided it must be entertainment for the locals: Foreigner Kamikaze. Nice. And throw in all these ‘spaghetti’ overpasses… well, I rest my case.

Regardless of the settling-in pains of the drivers, the Family made it safe and sound from Dallas to…


Can you guess?


BIG clues here people… think hot.

santant_1733 e

Think Margeuritas.

Think …

santant_1633 e

Colourful, hectic decor…

santant_1638 e

Think awesome Spanish-influenced food.


Think refried beans and fajitas and …

sanant_1747 e


sanant_1741 e


The Mother had been beguiled into taking a little detour* to this fine city, lured by some incredible history, the promise of great food and entertainment of a kind they had never experienced before. (*Where ‘little detour’ was 550 miles/886km round trip out of the way from previously planned journey).

Can you guess the first of these listed treats?

santant_1672 e

A hint. Think religious structure. Think valour and tragedy. Think movies.

santant_1678 e

Did you guess The Alamo? Too clever!

If you don’t already know the tale, this one-time mission played a pivotal part in the America we see today – can you begin to imagine the USA without Texas? How weird would that be? It could’ve been the case, had the Americans not been stirred into action by the terrible things that happened here in 1836. The Mother, for one, had no idea (having never watched the 1960 John Wayne movie) that a number of familiar American Frontier characters all fought together at this place. Davey Crockett and James Bowie (non-Americans, think Bowie knife) and William B Travis (whose eloquence in the face of certain death spurred a people to unite and fight).

santant_1668 e

The Mother was not disappointed in their visit to the reminants of the structures that once formed the Alamo.

santant_1640 e

The Prince and Princess were unsure what all the fuss was about initially – in this old set of buildings amid the towering new buildings in the centre of this bustling city.

santant_1646 e

But as the parents read (edited) bits of the incredible story of the Alamo, their eyes grew wide and they too, were transported back almost 175 years.

santant_1648 e

In their minds’ eye, they began to see faint outlines of the desperate barricading and fighting that went on in the walls of the old church for thirteen long days.

santant_1649 e

And felt the reverence of this generations of those who protect this memory.

santant_1663 e

And maybe experienced the touch of ghosts who gave so much and left their mark in ways they might never have imagined.

santant_1676 e

They wandered beneath the stretching arms of an ancient tree around which the monuments are arranged.

santant_1656 e

And touched each item in wonder, even if they didn’t fully understand what it represented (and frankly, how could they, when the staff there weren’t sure about this particular piece either!)

santant_1669 e

They learned and gathered images and memories of their own – especially loving the kids’ Treasure Hunt map which included vital memorablilia from the Battle of the Alamo. (A great idea!)

The Mother was endlessly struck by the simple beauty of the buildings…

santant_1681 e

… and compared them with the modern day structures looming around them.  No contest, in her mind.

And the whole family decided that it was unanimous. That they would always…

santant_1679 r



Yes, I realise there are two more San Antonio treats to go, dear Reader. But I think that’s enough for today, don’t you?  We don’t want to exceed your download limits all at once…  thanks for sharing our adventure. If you want to read back through the previous chapters, here is the list of links.

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  1. What a fun ride that was for me, I can only imagine how much enjoyment you all had in the Alamo. I still await my introduction to Texas

  2. My siblings and I made our latest trip to San Antonio for the christmas lights on the river. I see by the decor that you dined in one of my very favorite restaraunts also. I love that city. I put the word out that next trip we were going to make like tourists and visit the missions, brewery, etc. It has been way too long.

  3. Oh, my gosh! I did not know that you’d gone to San Antonio. (Or else I have medium term memory loss…) I LOVE San Antonio! I love the River Walk, and I love the food, and I love the Alamo, and I stood right there at that self same tree, and did you do the Mission tour? Oh. I’m so very glad that you got to see such a great city. It’s my favorite city in the US. (Not that I’ve seen all that many!)
    debby´s last blog post ..Rats!

  4. Whoo hoo BB…another chapter!Loved this latest one. I’ve never seen this much info about the Alamo…I didnt know it was right in the middle of San Antonio! Loving the history. Thanks…

  5. Love your fairytale blogs, but think I need to go back to some of those links, I’ve missed a few…how did that happen?! xo
    Oopsiemumma´s last blog post ..Valentine’s Day is NOT for parents – hear me out….

  6. we were in San Antonio this summer and visited the Alamo, the river walk, a little German town outside of S.A. and ate some really good food. so much to see there.

  7. Yay! I’m glad we’re back on the journey with you again!! I LOVE Mexican food (and Tex-Mex) and that spread at the table looks SO good! Only thing…I would have opted for Corona instead of Shiner Bock. Or one of those Margaritas. Yum!!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Chicago Lightning by Max Allan Collins

  8. Ick ick ick, I dislike freeways, but I LUV violets pink cowgirl boots EH!

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