Bay Leaf the Unflappable

I get asked for updates on our animal characters around here all the time…  and I have intentions of doing many for you: Lacey the old Equine Lady, Axel the Ludicrous Great Dane, Middy the pint-sized ‘Panther’, and Nibbles, Bubbles and Troubles the fastest-growing water fowl ever.

But today, I shall shine the spotlight on our best-known Bovine Bella.

‘Bay Leaf‘.

Now Bay Leaf is no longer a hand-fed poddy calf, all eyelashes and cuteness.  Kids grow up, y’know!  She continues to live near the house (along with her ‘bestie’ Horseradish’ the black steer).  She is currently providing a ‘mothering’ presence for our new poddies Toots and Rosie.  (Where mothering = making sure any leftover calf crumbles are not wasted!)

Anyhoo, our jackaroos (brothers and rodeo riders*) Lachy and Cal have spent some of their excess energies on ‘training’ Bay Leaf. She never was terribly wild. But now?

I think this series of photos might tell the story best…


Mmmmmm. Green grass!


Oh look. More green grass!


Excuse me, Bay Leaf.  there appears to be a human plank attached to your back!

Never mind that Horseradish!  Concentrate on the green grass!


 And anyway, this human plank is as light as a feather.  


Plus he’s not wearing spurs!


The giggling and getting off and on business could be annoying, but I figure, it’s the price I pay for being allowed in the houseyard and all this GREEN GRASS…


Even two isn’t so bad…nom, nom, nom…

Really Bay Leaf, is there ANYTHING that will distract you from eating? Anything at all?

Let’s see…

How bout Hurdling the Heifer**?
BAYLEAF 1A_6519 e


BAYLEAF 1B _6520 e

How bout Hurdling the Heifer with Human Plank?


Yaaa… Nope!


Did not even pause mid-mouthful.

It’s official then…

BAYLEAF_6517 e

We christen thee: Bay Leaf the Unflappable. ***



*These boys/men are almost 17 18 and 19 20 years old.  The kind that eat like crazy, never put on an ounce of weight, and like to egg Dash on to all kinds of exploits.

** And they have very good knees and and incredible amount of bounce-to-the-ounce. (Yes, just watching all the energy and bounce makes my knees ache too).

*** And also Bay Leaf the Unfillable. Seriously, she’s a bottomless pit.


22 Responses to “Bay Leaf the Unflappable”

  1. Gorgeous – definitely she has worked out the pros and cons and can’t be bothered with all that flappibling business.
    jeanie´s last blog post ..A Short Post with Shortbread Recipe (and stuff)

  2. Ahhh….shes a cutie BB…so good to see her. The pics are pretty amazing I think but I laughed so hard at Dash’s facial expressions change as the threat of becoming hamburger loomed!
    But answer this for a city girl please…whats the bump under her tummy? Is that a belly button?
    And is Horseradish as tame as Bay Leaf? He kinda looks a little less welcoming.

    • Of COURSE you can ask anything here Julie! That ‘flap’ is a normal part of any loose-skinned bovine (anything with any kind of Bos Indicus, or Brahman-infused cattle). Only Bos Taurus cattle (like Angus) are completely flat underneath. Ours are Brangus – an infusion of Brahman and Angus – and the looseness which helps them deal with the heat, is apparent under their necks, their bellies and in the sligh hump some have.

      This flap area s also where their navel is, but not the reason it is like that!

  3. Love these pictures! My cat isn’t that tame! Dash is really growing into his legacy as a darn good-looking young man.

  4. So cute, i can hardly stand it. I love milk and by proxy cows despite allergy to lactose. Cows amaze me with their ability to produce the most luscious liquid ever made.
    Lynda M O´s last blog post ..Tower of Babel Hook Holder

  5. Thanks for the laugh. Wow she is unflappable I don’t think I’ve ever seen a calf so tame. Good work on the boys part and great photos.
    Anne´s last blog post ..This is it …

  6. Oh my Lord, that made me laugh!
    Thea´s last blog post ..Day 11 – 365 Days In Nature

  7. That is sooo funny!
    Fleur´s last blog post ..Christmas updates… Belated ones!

  8. This post was just so fun that it made me laugh out loud. It was good to see Bay Leaf all grown up. She has certainly taken after her mother. Watching teenagers eat is quite a bit like watching Bayleaf: there’s a single minded focus to it, and it never stops.
    debby´s last blog post ..Different, take III

  9. Way to go kids! This makes me think of Bella, the wonder cow, and what a grand cow she was.

  10. I’m absolutely amazed! She’s so tame!!

    I also learned something in your reply to Julie. We have cows and I didn’t even know this!! Now I need to go down to our pasture and have a look. I’m almost positive all ours are Angus/Brangus mix.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Reading in 2012

  11. I taught her everything she know ;)
    JENNY TALIA´s last blog post!

  12. That’s one smooth young heifer. And I’m amazed at the bouncy jackaroos.

  13. Theresa in Alberta Reply January 12, 2013 at 10:01 am

    I wonder if Bay Leaf is related to PW’s cow Daisy eh ;p
    seeing that man jump over Bayleaf (and dash) made my knee that just got replaced hurt ;)

  14. That sure is some amazing x-bred heifer.
    Very funny photos indeed.

  15. Would it be wrong to wonder why the hurtler is wearing pink socks?
    debby´s last blog post ..Critics

    • Not at all… suspect they are faded red socks. Or possibly footy socks (the long kind that come up to the knee) for a larrikan rugby team who chose pink as their colour!

  16. Ha ha we had a poddy that my son rode around on cracking whips! it was very funny- same deal, couldn’t give a damn, just wanted that green grass.
    Jodie aka Mummaducka´s last blog post ..Simple Christmas 2012

  17. Absolutely beautiful photos Amanda , it reminded me of my young days grow up on our families farm, where my father had a small dairy and us kids used to spend hours with the calves.

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